Saturday, 5 June 2010

Rescue x5 Saturday 5th June 2010

Mass Rescue 14.00 – Four children and one man all got caught in the strong current by the point on the outgoing tide. They were in danger of getting swept onto the rocks. Chris Page paddled out on a rescue board supporting two of them. These children were transferred to Rhys Brothers who had followed Chris with a rescue tube and was at standing depth. By this time Rhys Breckon and Gareth Davies jnr had paddled out and reached the two other children bringing them in on rescue boards. At the same time Chris paddled back out to the man who had initially gone to help the children but was now also in difficulties. All persons were returned safely to the beach with no further medical assistance required.

Duty Lifeguards: Chris Page, Rhys Brothers, Gavin Davies
Lifeguards Involved: Chris Page, Rhys Brothers, Gareth Davies jnr (volunteer), Rhys Breckon (volunteer)
Conditions: 2-3 foot surf, overcast

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