Thursday, 2 September 2010

Medivac x2 & Rescue x4 Thursday 2nd September 2010

Medivac 11.25 – 87 year old male fell in road behind lifeguard station sustaining a nasty head injury. Casualty treated by Gareth Davies jnr whilst Nathan Evans closed the road to traffic by parking the truck across road. Casualty taken to hospital by ambulance.

Rescue 14.25 – 14 year old girl struggling against strong current and offshore wind. Rescued by Nathan Evans who swam out with rescue tube.

Medivac 14.45 – 51 year old female lost control of mobility scooter whilst attempting to go down slipway. Injury to shoulder, hip and ankle. Ambulance called and casualty transferred to hospital.

Mass Rescue 15.00 – 45 year old Man and 2 boys aged 10 got into difficulties whilst bodyboarding in bathing area. Unable to get to sure due to strong offshore winds and current. Rhys Brothers, Lewis Campbell and Arran Bluck all swam out to assist. IRB launched to pick up casualties and return them to the beach.

IRB crew: Gareth Davies jnr (driver), Nathan Evans (crew)
Conditions: 2-3 foot clean surf, hot and sunny, strong offshore wind

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