Sunday, 14 August 2011

Assist x4 Sunday 14th August 2011

Assist 16.00 – A surfer caught in the current near to the point was assisted by the RWC and dropped across the bay on the golf club side of the lifeguard station where conditions were safer.

Assist 16.20 – A kite surfer lost his kite board and was drifting dangerously close to the point. The RWC (assisted by Mike Kay on a rescue board) recovered the lost board and transferred it to the kite surfer who was then able to get himself out of danger and back to the beach.

Assist 17.00 – 2 more surfers were struggling in the strong current. The RWC stood by and gave safety advice encouraging them to catch a wave to shore. Both made it safely back to the beach.

Duty Lifeguards: Chris Page, Rhys Brothers, Nathan Evans
Conditions: 4-5 foot messy surf, overcast, strong wind

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