Monday, 6 May 2013

Rescue & Assist Monday 6th May 2013

IRB RESCUE 14.00 – The surf rescue IRB was launched to rescue a surfer who was struggling in the current at the point. He was unable to make it back to shore unaided. The IRB picked him up and returned him to the beach.
IRB ASSIST x2 14.10 – The IRB then assisted a further 2 surfers struggling in the current near the point and transferred them across the bay to a less dangerous area.

Volunteer Lifeguards Patrolling: Chris Page, Andy Morgan, Gareth Davies, Nathan Evans, Kieran Bluck, Dan Castle, Rhys Brothers
IRB Crew: Dan Castle (driver), Rhys Brothers (crew)

Conditions: Sunny, 2-3 foot surf, incoming tide

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