Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Assistance x1, Rescue x1 Wednesday 09/07/14

ASSIST 13.55: 51 year old male swimmer caught in rip current at point was struggling in the current and getting swept around point. Lloyd paddled out to the man offering assistance but the man refused the offer for help. Lloyd stood by while the man decided to make his own way out onto rocks at the point. He was assisted from the water by land based lifeguards and suffered cuts and grazing in the process. After managing to clamber out over rocks he refused help from lifeguards to treat his cuts but later attended the first aid room at the lifeguard station for first aid.

RESCUE 19.00: Surfer on point was rescued by off duty lifeguard Chris Bluck and assisted by other club members. The off duty lifeguards were still at the beach due to nipper training which was taking place at the time.

BCBC Duty Lifeguards: Chris Bluck, Rhys Brothers, Lloyd Rosewell (10.30-18.00)
Conditions: Sunny, 2-3 foot, clean surf
HW: 16.30 (incoming tide for assist at 13.55 and dropping tide for rescue at 19.00)

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