Sunday, 30 September 2007

Incidents 2007

Rescues: 6         Assistance: 6         First Aids: 56         Lost Children: 31
Saturday 11th August 2007

16.20 Rescue (x4) Despite regular announcements warning people of the danger 4 children got caught in the strong current near the point on the incoming tide. Two were swimming and the other two on body boards. The children were in danger of getting swept out to sea or onto sharp rocks at the point. The Rescue Water Craft (RWC) (Rescue Jet Ski) was launched within seconds and picked up the two swimmers returning them safely to the beach. RWC returned back out to pick up the other two body boarders returning them to the beach one at a time.

Duty Lifeguards: Gareth Davies, Chris Page, Jemma Woods
RWC Driver: Chris Page
Conditions: 1-2 foot surf, incoming tide – strong current, sunny spells

Friday 27th July 2007

17.20 Rescue Surfer in difficulties at high tide in front of golf club buildings. Rescue Water Craft launched to rescue the man as he was in danger of getting swept onto rocks. Returned to safety of main bay.

Duty Lifeguards: Chris Page, Gemma Lewis, Sarah Davies
RWC Driver: Chris Page
Conditions: 4 foot surf, high tide, sunny spells

Tuesday 24th July 2007

14.00 Rescue 6 year old girl drifting towards point on incoming tide and in danger of getting swept onto rocks. Rescued by Chris Page using rescue tube.

Duty Lifeguards: Chris Page, Gemma Lewis, Gareth Davies (Jnr)
Conditions: 1-2 foot surf, incoming tide, overcast

Saturday 7th July 2007

14.30 Assistance Surfer assisted from point by Gareth Davies using Rescue Water Craft. He had got caught in the rip current during the out going tide.
Duty Lifeguards: Gareth Davies (Snr), Chris Page, Gemma Lewis
RWC Driver: Gareth Davies
Conditions: 2 foot surf, outgoing tide, cloudy

Sunday 1st July 2007

10.30 Assistance 15 year old boy caught in rip current on out going tide at point. Despite being in no immediate danger surf rescue IRB was launched to assist the boy and take him to a safer area of the beach.

Duty Lifeguards: Gareth Davies (Snr), Chris Page, Jess Canton
Surf Rescue IRB Crew: Gareth Davies (coxswain), Chris Page (crew)
Conditions: 4-5 foot surf, outgoing tide, overcast / light drizzle

Sunday 20th May 2007

12.00 Assistance 12 year old boy washed towards rocks on point. Assisted from water and to safety by voluntary lifeguard with rescue tube and treated for grazes in lifeguard station.

12.30 Assistance 18 year old man caught in rip current onto point on outgoing tide. Picked up and assisted to safety by surf rescue IRB which was in water providing safety cover for junior lifeguard training.

Duty Lifeguards: Chris Page, Rhys Brothers
Surf Rescue IRB Crew: Hywel Davies (coxswain), Darren Powell (crew)
Voluntary Lifeguards Involved: Darren Powell, Hywel Davies
Conditons: 1-2 foot surf, sunny spells, outgoing tide

Sunday 15th April 2007

14.30 Medivac Voluntary lifeguard assisted 50 year old man who had injured ankle as a result of fall in car park. Ambulance called to transport the man to hospital.

Voluntary Lifeguards Involved: Chris Page

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