Sunday, 14 September 2008

Incidents 2008

Rescues: 1         Assistance: 6         First Aids: 56         Lost Children: 12

Sunday 14th September 2008

Big surf combined with spring tides resulted in a number of incidents. The water was packed with surfers, possibly the busiest it has been throughout the summer. Due to good preventative work from lifeguards any serious incidents were prevented but despite our warnings and advice from the surf rescue IRB or over the PA some people still needed assistance.

15.30 Assistance – A girl surfer was struggling against the current and in danger of getting washed onto the point.  Gareth Davies Jnr. who was crewing the surf rescue IRB (IRB Crew 1) dived from the boat and swam across to assist the girl to safety and helped her back to the safety of the beach.

16.00 Assistance – A male surfer struggling against the current was picked up by the surf rescue IRB (IRB Crew 2) and dropped further across the beach in a safer area where he continued surfing.

17.00 Assistance – Despite our PA warning announcements 3 teenage girls although within standing depth were in danger of getting washed onto sharp rocks. Chris Page entered the water to assist one of the girls to safety. The others managed to make their own way across unaided. Following this the red flag was raised as a nasty shore break was starting to form.

Duty Lifeguards:  Chris Page, Rhys Brothers, Sarah Davies
IRB Crew 1: Chris Page (Coxswain), Gareth Davies Jnr (Crew)
IRB Crew 2 (following crew change): Chris Page (Coxswain), Gemma Lewis (Crew)
Conditions: Sunny spells, incoming tide, 5 - 6 foot clean surf

Thursday 14th August 2008

16.30 Assistance – Two girls aged 10 got cut off by incoming tide at the point in Rest Bay. They had been sitting on a ledge and not realised the tide had come in and surrounded them. They were assisted to safety along with their possessions by lifeguards Rhys Brothers and Chris Bluck.

Duty Lifeguards:  Chris Page, Rhys Brothers, Sarah Davies
Voluntary Lifeguard: Chris Bluck
Conditions: Sunny spells, incoming tide – high water: 18.04
Sunday 27th July 2008

15.30 Medivac - Girl aged 10 brought to lifeguard station with a very rapid heart rate. Lifeguards Gareth and Gareth monitored the casualty in the first aid room. The casualty had suffered with an uncontrolled rapid heart rate previously. An ambulance was called to take the girl to hospital.

Duty Lifeguards: Gareth Davies, Gareth Davies (Jnr), Sarah Davies
Conditions: Hot and Sunny

Saturday 19th July 2008

14.00 Assistance - Surf Rescue IRB launched to assist kite surfer who had got into difficulties. IRB crew stood by while the kite surfer made his only way back into shore.

IRB Crew: Hywel Davies (coxswain), Richard Castle (crewman)

14.30 Rescue – Surf Rescue IRB launched to rescue a kite surfer who had snapped a line and was in difficulties. IRB rescued the kite surfer and helped recover his equipment.

IRB Crew: Hywel Davies (coxswain), Dave Wooton (crewman)
Duty Lifeguards: Gareth Davies, Rhys Brothers, Jess Canton
Conditions: Strong SW wind, 3 foot messy surf

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