Sunday, 22 July 2012

Medivac (By Helimed 57) Sunday 22nd July 2012

MEDIVAC (By Air Ambulance) 11.20 – Elderly gentleman collapsed half way along boardwalk. Lifeguards were alerted and attended the scene. Patient moved to a more comfortable position and monitored whilst awaiting ambulance. Oxygen therapy given. Lifeguards contacted ambulance control and advised they thought air ambulance may be the most appropriate means of evacuation due to the inaccessibility of the location. On arrival of the land ambulance the crew confirmed this would be the best method to transfer the casualty and requested the air ambulance. Coastguard also assisted with the operation and secured a landing area on the golf course. The Wales Air Ambulance Helimed 57 based in Swansea was soon on scene and transferred the casualty to hospital.

Duty Lifeguards: Chris Page, Arran Bluck, Lewis Campbell
Volunteer & Junior Lifeguards Involved: Ian James, Aled James, Dan Castle
Conditions: Hot and Sunny

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