Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Rescue Tuesday 24th July 2012

RESCUE 19.50 – Off duty lifeguards (some of whom had just updated their lifeguard qualification) became concerned for two surfers who were struggling in the current close to the point. They were making no headway and looked extremely tired. Arran ran down the beach with a rescue board and paddled out to them to reassure them that further assistance was on its way. The situation was monitored by Andy from rocks at the point and Chris from the common above the point. Nathan and Gavin manned the base ready to provide further assistance should it be required and contacted our Surf Rescue IRB which was exercising along the coastline. The IRB immediately returned to the area and took the two surfers onboard returning to the safety of the beach.

Off Duty Lifeguards Involved: Arran Bluck, Andy Morgan, Chris Page, Gavin Davies, Nathan Evans
Volunteer Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB) Crew: Richard Castle (Driver), Dan Castle (Crew)
Conditions: Hot and Sunny – 2-3 foot surf

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