Monday, 20 August 2012

Assist x3 Monday 20th August 2012

ASSIST x2 11.45 – 2 bodyboarders aged 10 and 12 were caught in the rip current near to the point on the outgoing tide. They were struggling to get back to the shore unaided. Nathan Evans paddled out on a rescue board and assisted them back to the beach.

ASSIST 18.45 - Lifeguards remained at beach from 18.00 onwards to provide a volunteer patrol. Due to the surf and big spring tide the current was particularly strong and conditions hazardous. The RWC was deployed to patrol the point area and keep all water users across on the golf club side of the lifeguard station. Despite our safety warnings given to a surfer on a number of occasions he eventually found himself in difficulties and requested assistance from the RWC. The RWC picked him up and transferred him across the bay on the rescue sled.
Duty Lifeguards: Nathan Evans, Gavin Davies, Lewis Campbell
RWC (jetski) Driver: Nathan Evans
Conditions at 11.45: Sunny Spells, light onshore wind, 2-3 foot surf
Conditions at 18.45: Sunny, light onshore wind, 4-5 foot surf

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