Friday, 10 August 2012

Medivac x2 Friday 10th August 2012

MEDIVAC (By Land Ambulance) 11.45 – A 65 year old lady tripped and fell in the paved area adjacent to lifeguard station. She fell awkwardly breaking bones in her arm whilst attempting to brace her fall. She was in considerable pain so an ambulance was called to transfer her to hospital.

MEDIVAC (By Land Ambulance) 14.45 – A lady fell in a hole that had been dug near to the slipway on the beach injuring her ankle in the process. She was in a lot of pain and it was suspected she may have broken her ankle. An ambulance was called top transfer her to hospital due to the pain she was in.

Duty Lifeguards: Chris Bluck, Rhys Brothers, Lewis Campbell (am), Chris Page (pm)
Conditions: Hot and sunny

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