Friday, 13 September 2013

Lands End to Rest Bay Ride #LE2RB - Meet The Team - Ian Lewis

1) Why did you decide to take part in the Lands End to Rest Bay Ride? 
It’s a great cause. The work the club does in providing rescue cover on the beach, together with the time and effort put in on a purely voluntary basis to train the next generation of lifeguards is inspirational.

2) How have you prepared for the cycle?
By carbing up..! I have put in training rides over the last few months but difficult to replicate the distance and days involved so very much a wait and see.

3) What are you looking forward to most about the cycle? 
Spending the week riding with great people in glorious sunshine

4) How long have you been a member of Rest Bay Lifeguard Club? 
4 years

5) Currently living?

6) Favourite Food?
Lamb shanks

7) Favourite Beach? 
Rest Bay of course! Oh and Whitesands Bay

8) Nicknames? 
Lard Armstrong

9) Favourite music right now?
Stereophonics & Mumford & Sons

10) One thing you can't leave home without?
The thing I forgot the first time.

11) Favourite past time?
Going out for a really nice meal

12) Future plans?
To retire and spend my time travelling the world (well I can dream!)

Further Info on the Lands End to Rest Bay Ride #LE2RB
Following the theft of the ATV from Rest Bay Lifeguard Club in October 2012 our ability to launch our rescue craft and respond quickly to casualties on the beach were both in jeopardy. Potentially lives were at risk. It also meant that our ability to hold sea based training sessions for our nippers and juniors might not be possible. These sessions needed a safety boat present whilst they took place and without an ATV it was not possible to tow the IRB onto the beach.

Thanks to the support of the community we raised considerable funds towards a replacement vehicle but need to raise more to cover the full costs. To do this a team of our lifeguards will embark on a charity cycle later this month to raise funds towards the cost of the replacement vehicle. Click here to find out more about the #LE2RB ride

To support our riders on #LE2RB please visit:  

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