Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Rescue 06/08/14 17.30

RESCUE 17.30: 15 year old girl surfer at Rest Bay rescued by father and son lifeguard team.

A 15 year old girl who had hired a surfboard was struggling in the rip current at the point during the outgoing tide. Initially she was given advice by club junior lifeguard Ioan Bluck who was in the water training nearby on a rescue board at the time. He encouraged her to paddle her board towards the beach and catch a wave in. However it soon became clear the girl was making no progress and drifting further around the point so Ioan made the decision to get the girl on his rescue board and paddle back against the current. Ioan was making good progress and was met by BCBC lifeguard Chris Bluck (Ioan's father) who had swam out to assist. Chris took over from Ioan who was now becoming tired himself. All made it safely back into the beach at Rest Bay and the girl was grateful for the assistance from Ioan and Chris who is also chairman of Rest Bay lifeguard club. Afterwards she joked that she probably should book in for some surf lessons. Ioan acted entirely on his own initiative and put himself in a potentially dangerous situation to provide help and in doing so prevented her from getting swept onto sharp rocks. Very proud of Ioan and his actions as a junior lifeguard assisting the BCBC lifeguards today :)

Please be wary of the rip near the point on incoming and outgoing tides as it can be strong during both. When the beach is flagged stay to flagged zones. If no flags stay to golf club side of lifeguard station. Only visit lifeguarded beaches this summer.

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