Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Rescue Tuesday 26/08/14

RESCUE 16.45 - Rescue water craft launched to patrol point area by volunteer lifeguard due to large surf and strong current. The surf conditions were some of the largest of the summer. A number of surfers were given safety advice as they were drifting rapidly towards the point. One surfer was struggling in the strong current and getting blown out by strong offshore winds and was having difficulty trying to catch a wave into the beach. He was in danger of being swept around the point. He was picked up by the RWC on the rescue sled and transferred to a safer area of the beach down towards the golf club.

View video from the day here:

BCBC Duty Lifeguards: Chris Bluck, Gavin Davies, Lewis Campbell
Volunteer RWC Driver: Chris Page
Conditions: 5-6 foot clean surf, strong offshore winds, sunny spells
HW: 19.57 (incoming at time of incident)

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