Sunday, 17 August 2014

Medivac, Assist x4, Rescue x1 Sunday 17/08/14

MEDIVAC 12.10 - 68 year old female tripped whilst getting out of car landing awkwardly on her hip. Complaining of pain and numbness in left left. Suspected that the lady had broken her hip. Casualty was monitored and made comfortable by Chris Bluck (voluntary lifeguard) and Gareth Davies (BCBC lifeguard). Ambulance called to take the lady to hospital.

RESCUE 15.00 - Rescue water craft launched to rescue a 14 year old boy on surf board struggling in the current near the point. 2 surfers paddled across to assist whilst the RWC was being launched. The boy was picked up by the RWC and returned to the beach where he was given safety advice.

The RWC remained on patrol at the point following the rescue and was involved in these additional incidents:

x3 ASSISTANCE 15.10 - 3 surfers all swept towards point due to current. Each was picked up by the RWC and transferred to a safer area of the bay down towards the golf club.

ASSISTANCE 15.30 - A 57 year old male capsized his kayak in the area of the point. He was swept around the point by the rip current and was in close proximity to the rocks. Due to the surf conditions and his proximity to the rocks the RWC had some difficulty getting close to him. The RWC made contact but the man didn't feel he had the strength to pull himself onto the sled. At that moment a wave broke over the RWC and washed the man back onto the rocks. He was assisted from the water by land based lifeguards who had climbed down onto the rocks to assist.  

Duty Lifeguards: Chris Page, Gareth Davies, Arran Bluck
Voluntary Lifeguard Involved in Incidents: Chris Bluck
RWC Driver: Chris Page
Conditions: 4-5 foot surf, Overcast
HW: 17.50 (incoming at the time of the incidents)

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